Unique property on the north coast of Tenerife

Villa at the northern shore of Tenerife

This property is located at the south-western tip of a high plateau in an exposed position on the border of the Orotava-Valley.

The size of the premises is 10.735 m² (1.07 hectares), located on the outskirts are 11.711 m² steep coast in a nature sanctuary and a shoreline of nearly 200 m directly at the steep coast, which make up an additional part of the uniqueness of this property.
From an altitude of 175 m above the sea you have a matchless view of the Orotava-Valley, Mount Teide, Puerto de la Cruz and the whole northern shore, the Atlantic and the island of La Palma. Only a few properties provide an additional view of the surf at the steep coast and the beach bays. The west-south-west location of this property makes the sunsets a real experience.

Street access, service- and drinking water supply as well as electricity are fully developed.
This mansion with a steep wooden roof-construction and an area of 1.243 m² (13380 ft²) is structurally complete. The whole interior finish can be done as requested by the future owner. There is the possibility to build another one or two mansions on the premises with an additional area of 634 m². A great amount of trees and palm trees create the impression of a private park.

The design and construction supervision have been performed by a German architect.

For any future work the permission of the appropriate authority of the government of the Canarian Islands (Viceconsejería de Ordenación Territorial del Gobierno de Canarias) is guaranteed.


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    Calle Valois
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    Teneriffa, Spanien
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